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21st Century Principal - Ken Willers


Fostering 21st Century Catholic Leadership through insightful stories and the sharing of authentic professional accomplishments and educational experiences. Through the use of social media and the web it is my vision to provide models of 21st Century Leadership that promotes high levels of collaboration and inspires Mission driven educational initiatives for today’s Catholic school educator.

Lead with Vision

21st Century Leadership requires 21st Century Vision. Let me assist you so you can serve your educational community.

Latest Leadership Posts

Designing 21st Century Classrooms @the_madeleine

Plans to Re-Imagine a 20th Century School Building and design 21st Century classrooms is underway at the Madeleine. This project would not be possible without the vision and expertise of committed stakeholders of the school’s Mission. Our hope is to inspire other Catholic schools like ours to see what is possible and provide them with…

Mission: Symbol and Theme

Just as the school’s Mission is ‘incarnated’ within our message, so to is our Mission alive in our annual symbol and theme. The image of the child reaching toward the star with the theme “From Vision to Reality” permeates the Annual Report for 2010-2011. And although inspiring, that symbol and theme for 2011 was replaced…

Twitter: The TwitterSphere is all about Space

Arriving at Twitter around 11:30am. 1355 Market Street, SF, at what was once a showcase facility for home furnishing and design. I was invited to Twitter by Caroline Quick. Caroline provides the vision and the plans for the future expansion and development of space for Twitter world wide. When Caroline was hired (approximately 4 years ago) Twitter had…